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Asia’s Go-To Lifestyle TV Channel, Life Inspired Flexes Storytelling Muscle To Captivate Consumers


Asia’s Go-To Lifestyle TV Channel, Life Inspired Flexes Storytelling Muscle To Captivate Consumers

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In 2013, Life Inspired saw an exceptional branded entertainment year that has made it to the channel’s history books. The lifestyle channel launched five branded series back-to-back between July 2013 and November 2013. The objective, to produce content that connects with customers in the best possible way – creating goodwill for a company while driving sales at the same time. With a knack for compelling storytelling, Life Inspired proved to be the TV platform of choice for brands ranging from tourism boards, airlines, to banks, as well as agriculture ministries where their brand stories were cleverly weaved into the show to inspire viewers on endeavours such as food, travel, shopping, and even, what it takes to be a tastemaker. The channel has learned what works on TV and has put storytelling to good use, thus proving to be a tastemaker itself.

Work: Shapers of society


TXTBKS, Smart Communications, DDB DM9 JaymeSyfu

Our team in the Philippines was awarded both the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia 2013 for its Smart Communications TXTBKS campaign.

The campaign aimed to ease the backpack burden of young students by converting textbook content into SMS-sized chunks, loading those SMS-based textbooks onto SIM cards and delivering the SIM cards to students

They helped redefine the category by looking at mobile not as a device, but as a way to deliver meaningful content to people through wireless technology. Their innovation is literally changing the lives of people in places where the latest mobile technologies aren’t even available or affordable.

Secret Fishing Spots, Hutchwilco, DDB Group New Zealand

Hutchwilco are New Zealand’s oldest manufacturer of life jackets. The only problem is their customers keep dying. Because fishermen don’t tell anyone where they’re going when they go fishing. No matter how good we make our lifejackets, if no one knows where they’ve gone the likelihood of finding them if they get in trouble is close to impossible. We came up with Secret Fishing Spots, an iPhone app that allows fishermen to log their secret spots, without giving them away to everyone.

DDB Group New Zealand’s work focuses on being either hugely entertaining or hugely useful. Technology stories must be based on emotional truths, not just technological gimmicks. This proved to be the success of Secret Fishing Spots.


I’m Amazing, McDonald’s, DDB Group Hong Kong

To make the joy of McDonald’s Happy Meals once again relevant to the Hong Kong families, the idea was to create the most amazing McDonald’s store in the world, designed by kids for kids and, in the process, re-connect families.

McDonald’s and DDB worked with one of the top schools in Hong Kong to kick-start the design process where kids were invited to design the McDonald’s restaurant of their dreams.

The 20 most popular designs voted publicly online were brought to life at the first ever McDonald’s Restaurant in the world that is designed by kids for kids.


Musical Styles, Star Hub, DDB Group Singapore

Our campaign for StarHub Music Online, uses innovative RFID technology to engage youths to music at fashion outlets, and won the prestigious Cannes Gold Lion. This was a smart and technically challenging project involving 14 creative talents and 8 technologists working as a collaborative team. The innovative use of digital technology signposted a new kind of creative excellence for the industry.


Green Pedestrian Crossing, Environmental Protection Authority, DDB China Group

DDB China Group was globally acclaimed with our ‘Green Pedestrian’ campaign for the China Environment Protection Foundation, which won more than 15 awards including a Gold Lion

– the country’s second Gold in the history of the award show

– as well as Spikes Asia, Longxi awards, China 4A awards, UK Green awards, International AME awards, AdFest and International Andy awards.